An Offensive Action (in Sports) Is Usually Categorized as Which of the

An offensive action in sports is usually categorized as which of the following? A) a tackle B) a block C) a charge D) a hit

The answer is C) a charge. A charge is an offensive action in which a player tries to take the ball from an opponent by running into them.

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In sports, an offensive action is usually categorized as one of the following: a force play, a tag, or a ballhandler. In baseball, for example, a force play is when the baserunner is forced to advance to the next base because the batter hit the ball. A tag is when the baserunner is tagged out by the defensive player. And a ballhandler is when the player with the ball tries to advance to the next base.

What is an offensive action?

In general, an offensive action is any movement or action taken by a player or team with the intention of scoring points or goals. This can include shooting, passing, dribbling, and running with the ball.

What are the different types of offensive actions?

There are three types of offensive actions in sport:

Which of the following is not an offensive action?

There are a few different types of offensive actions that can be categorized in sports, including carrying or attempting to carry the ball, passing the ball, and shooting the ball. However, not all offensive actions fit neatly into one of these categories. For example, an offensive action might also be considered illegal if it is considered dangerous or if it is done in order to gain an unfair advantage.


There are many different types of offensive actions that can be taken in a sport, but they are usually categorized as either a run or a pass. A run is when the player with the ball tries to advance it towards the end zone by running with it, while a pass is when the player throws the ball to another player on their team. There are also some other types of offensive actions, such as kickoffs and punts, but these are generally not considered to be part of the main offensive strategy.

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