How Long Do You Wear a Sports Bra After Lumpectomy?

Learn how long you should wear a sports bra after a lumpectomy, and get tips on choosing the right one for you.

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A lumpectomy is a type of surgery that is used to remove cancerous tissue from the breast. This surgery can be used to treat both early and advanced stages of breast cancer. After a lumpectomy, you will need to wear a sports bra for a period of time to support your breasts and help them heal properly.

The Importance of Wearing a Sports Bra

A sports bra is an important article of clothing for women who have undergone lumpectomy surgery. This type of surgery removes tissue from the breast, and the resulting scar can be sensitive and tender. Wearing a sports bra offers support and protection for the healing scar, and helps to prevent irritation and discomfort.

Most women will need to wear a sports bra for at least six weeks after lumpectomy surgery. Some women may need to wear a sports bra for up to 12 weeks, depending on the size and location of the scar. It is important to follow your doctor’s instructions on how long to wear a sports bra after surgery.

Sports bras are available in a variety of styles, including front-closure, back- closure, and racerback styles. Many women find that a front-closure sports bra is more comfortable to wear after surgery. You may also want to consider a sports bra with adjustable straps, so that you can adjust the fit as your swelling goes down.

How Long Should You Wear a Sports Bra After Lumpectomy?

It’s important to wear a supportive sports bra after lumpectomy surgery to help reduce swelling and protect your incisions. Your surgeon will probably recommend that you wear one for at least four to six weeks. You may need to wear it longer if you have large breasts or if your lumpectomy was done with a sentinel lymph node biopsy.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that you should wear a sports bra for as long as you feel comfortable. Some women find that they need to wear one for several weeks, while others only need to wear one for a few days. If you have any pain or discomfort, you should consult your doctor.

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