What Can You Do With a Sports Communication Degree?

A degree in sports communication can open up a world of career opportunities. From working in the front office of a professional sports team to becoming a sports broadcaster, there are many ways to put your degree to work.

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Sports communication degrees are becoming increasingly popular as the industry of athletics continues to grow. With a degree in sports communication, graduates can work in a number of professional capacities within the sports industry, from athletic event management to sports information and media relations.

A sports communication degree can lead to a career in athletic event management, fitness and wellness promotion, intercollegiate athletics administration, marketing and public relations for sports organizations, or sports information and media relations. With the right combination of education and experience, graduates with a sports communication degree can also pursue careers as broadcasters, producers, or reporters for television or radio networks that cover sporting events.

What is Sports Communication?

Sports communication is the study of how messages about sports are communicated to different audiences. This includes print, broadcast and online media, as well as public relations, marketing and advertising. It is a relatively new field that has grown in popularity as the sports industry has become more complex and the need for specialized skills has increased.

Sports communication professionals have a deep understanding of the sports industry and how it works. They use this knowledge to develop strategies for communicating with different audiences, including fans, athletes, coaches, owners and the media. They also work to create positive relationships between sports organizations and the communities they serve.

Sports communication is a dynamic field that offers many opportunities for those with a passion for sports and a desire to work in an exciting and ever-changing industry.

What Can You Do With a Sports Communication Degree?

There are many things you can do with a degree in sports communication. You can work in the front office of a professional sports team, work as a sports broadcaster, or work in the sports information department of a college or university. You can also work in the sports marketing or public relations field.

Sports Journalist

A sports journalist is a person who writes about sports. They can work for newspapers, magazines, online publications, or television and radio stations. A sports journalist needs to have a strong knowledge of the game or sport that they are covering, as well as good writing skills.

Sports Broadcaster

One of the most popular career choices for sports communication graduates is working as a sports broadcaster. Sports broadcasters call play-by-play or color commentary for live sporting events on television or radio. They also work for sports networks, where they may anchor shows, conduct interviews, offer analysis, or report on breaking news. To become a sports broadcaster, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in sports communication or a related field, and you’ll also need to complete an internship with a local television or radio station.

Sports Information Director

Sports information directors are responsible for promoting their team or athletes and generating media coverage. They work closely with the media to ensure positive coverage of their team or athletes and also work on marketing and public relations campaigns. Many sports information directors also have a background in journalism or sports communication.

Athletic Director

An athletic director is responsible for the management and administration of a school or organization’s athletic program. The duties of an athletic director vary depending on the size and type of institution, but typically involve choosing and supervising athletic staff, developing budgets, scheduling games and practices, overseeing concessions and fundraising, and promoting the program to the community. Many athletic directors also teach classes or coach teams. A bachelor’s degree in sports communication is a good foundation for a career as an athletic director.


You’ve probably heard that a college degree is not worth the investment. The cost of a degree has risen dramatically, while starting salaries for new graduates have stagnated.

But there are some exceptions to this rule.

If you’re considering a career in sports communication, for example, your investment will pay off. The average starting salary for sports communication graduates is $39,000, and the median salary is $56,000. With a bachelor’s degree in hand, you’ll be eligible for a wide range of jobs in the field, including positions in sports marketing, public relations, event planning, and more.

So if you’re passionate about sports and want to turn your love for the game into a career, a degree in sports communication is worth the investment.

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