What Happened to Google Sports Scores?

If you’re a fan of keeping up with sports scores, you may have noticed that Google no longer shows sports scores in its search results. Here’s what happened.

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As of July 2019, Google has removed the dedicated Sports Scores feature from its search results pages. The company has not given an official reason for the change, but it is speculated that the move was made in order to declutter the search results page and focus on more relevant and useful information.

Google sports scores were first introduced in 2010 and allowed users to quickly see scores for major sporting events without having to click through to a specific website. The feature was especially useful for quick updates on games that were already in progress.

With the removal of sports scores, users will now have to rely on other sources for their sports information needs. Some popular alternatives include ESPN, CBS Sports, and Yahoo Sports.

Google’s History with Sports Scores

sports scores feature disappeared from many of Google’s products, including its flagship search engine, in early July 2018. The company has not given a public explanation for the removal of the feature.

Google has a long history with sports scores, dating back to its early days as a search engine. In 2000, the company launched a dedicated sports scores page that offered live updates from a variety of sporting events. In 2007, Google added sports scores to its main search results page. And in 2012, the company launched a dedicated Sports tab in its popular mobile app.

Despite this long history, it is not clear why Google decided to remove the sports scores feature from its products. The company has not given a public explanation for the change. It is possible that the move was simply an aesthetic decision, or that Google was no longer interested in offering live sports scores to its users.

The Fall of Google Sports Scores

Google Sports Scores was once one of the most popular features of the Google search engine. But in recent years, it has become less and less visible, to the point where many users are unaware that it even exists.

So what happened?

There are a few possible explanations. One is that the proliferation of other sports websites and apps has made Google Sports Scores less necessary. Another is that Google has been de-emphasizing search results that are not directly related to the user’s query.

Whatever the reason, the disappearance of Google Sports Scores is a sign of how much the search landscape has changed in recent years. And it’s a reminder that even the biggest companies can’t take their dominance for granted.

The Aftermath of Google Sports Scores

In July of 2012, something changed with Google Sports Scores. If you search for a sports score, you’ll see the score, an image related to the game, and information about the teams playing – but you won’t see any links to where you can read more about the game or watch a highlights video. So what happened?

The short answer is that Google made a change to the way they deliver sports results. The long answer is a bit more complicated.

In order to understand what happened, we need to take a step back and look at how Google Sports Scores used to work.

Previously, when you searched for a sports score, Google would show you the score along with a link to a page where you could read more about the game or watch highlights. This page was usually provided by one of three sources: ESPN, CBS Sports, or Yahoo Sports.

These pages are called “aggregator” pages because they aggregate (or collect) content from many different sources and present it in one place. In addition to the links to read more or watch highlights, these pages also contain other links to stories about the teams, player statistics, and standings.

The change that Google made was to remove these links from their search results. So now when you search for a sports score, you’ll see the score and some information about the teams playing, but you won’t see any links to where you can read more or watch highlights.

The removal of these links has had a ripple effect throughout the sports world. ESPN, CBS Sports, and Yahoo Sports all rely on traffic from Google searches to drive people to their websites. Losing this traffic has meant a significant decrease in page views for these sites – which has led to layoffs and cost-cutting measures at all three companies.


We’ve reached the end of our investigation into what happened to Google Sports Scores, and unfortunately, we still don’t have a clear answer. It seems that the service was simply discontinued at some point in the relatively recent past, without any clear explanation from Google.

This is certainly a shame, as Google Sports Scores was a convenient way to keep track of scores for a variety of sports. While there are other similar services available, none of them are quite as comprehensive or easy-to-use as Google Sports Scores was.

If you’re looking for an alternative score tracking service, we recommend Athletic.net. Athletic.net offers a similar service to Google Sports Scores, and while it doesn’t have all of the same features, it’s a solid option for keeping track of scores for a variety of sports.

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