What Sports Does Red Bull Sponsor?

Wondering what sports Red Bull sponsors? Check out our list of the 8 most popular sports that Red Bull sponsors and learn about each one.

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Red Bull is an energy drink that has become popular all over the world. It is known for its bright red can and its slogan “Red Bull Gives You Wings.” The company also sponsors a number of different sporting events and teams.

Red Bull sponsors a wide variety of sports, including auto racing, surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, MotoGP, and more. They are also the primary sponsor of Red Bull Racing, a Formula One racing team. In addition to sponsoring individual athletes and teams, Red Bull also hosts a number of events, such as the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series and the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour.

What Sports Does Red Bull Sponsor?

Red Bull is an energy drink sold by Red Bull GmbH, an Austrian company founded in 1987. Red Bull has the highest market share of any energy drink in the world, with 7.5 billion cans sold in a year (as of 2019). The drink is available in over 170 countries. Red Bull sponsors a variety of sporting events and athletes.

Action Sports

Red Bull sponsors a variety of action sports, including BMX, freestyle motocross, skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, and wakeboarding. The company also has a Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series and a Red Bull Air Race World Championship. In addition to sponsoring individual athletes, Red Bull also supports teams and events.


Red Bull has been involved in motorsport since 2002, and has been the title sponsor of Red Bull Racing since 2005. The company also sponsors other teams and drivers, including Scuderia AlphaTauri, Red Bull KTM Factory Racing, and Honda Racing Lansdowne. In addition to its factory teams, Red Bull also supports numerous other motorsport teams and events around the world.

The company’s involvement in motorsport began in 2001 with a small sponsorship of the Swiss race car team named GT3 Sauber AG. The following year, Red Bull made its first foray into Formula One by sponsoring the Austrian Arrows team. In 2003, Red Bull took over as the title sponsor of the Arrows team, which became known as Red Bull Racing.

In 2004, Red Bull expanded its presence in Formula One by purchasing a majority stake in Jaguar Racing, which was then renamed to Red Bull Racing. The team’s cars were initially rebadged as Jaguar R4s before being replaced with the RB1 chassis in 2005.

In addition to Formula One, Red Bull also sponsors various other motorsport teams and events around the world. These include: GP2 Series, Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM), World Rally Championship (WRC), Supercars Championship (Australia), FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC), Global Rallycross Championship (GRC), Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup, and various karting and mountain bike racing events.


Red Bull sponsors a lot of football teams around the globe. A few years ago, they sponsored the New York Red Bulls, which is a Major League Soccer team in the United States. In Europe, they sponsor FC Red Bull Salzburg, which is an Austrian football club, as well as RB Leipzig, which is a German football club. They also have a few minor league sponsorships in countries like Bolivia and Ghana.

Other Sports

Although most well-known for its sponsorship of extreme sports, Red Bull also supports athletes and events in other disciplines.

The company has a history of involvement in Formula One racing, both as a sponsor of individual teams and as the owner of the Red Bull Racing team. In addition to its ongoing support of skiing, snowboarding, and mountain biking, Red Bull also sporadically sponsors players and events in other sports such as football, basketball, crimson, handball, and dodgeball.

Why Does Red Bull Sponsor These Sports?

When most people think of Red Bull, they think of the caffeinated drink that gives you wings. However, Red Bull is also a company that spends a lot of money sponsoring extreme sports athletes and events. But why?

It turns out that sponsoring extreme sports is a great way for Red Bull to market its product. The company has found that its target demographic – young people – are more likely to be interested in trying Red Bull if they see it as being adventurous and cutting-edge.

Red Bull also benefits from the fact that many extreme sports are not televised, so the company can get more exposure by sponsoring events and athletes than it would if it sponsored major league sports teams. And, because extreme sports are often associated with danger, sponsoring these athletes and events reinforces Red Bull’s message that its drink will give you energy and make you feel invincible.

So far, the strategy has been working well for Red Bull. The company has estimated that it gets $3 in sales for every $1 it spends on sponsorship, and it shows no signs of slowing down its investment in extreme sports anytime soon.


Red Bull has a long history of sponsoring extreme athletes and sporting events. In recent years, they have sponsored more mainstream sports like Formula One and football. They have also been a major sponsor of the X Games. In addition to sponsoring individual athletes, they also own several professional sports teams, including Red Bull Salzburg, Red Bull Brazil, and Red Bull New York.

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