When Will Hulu Get Fox Sports Back?

If you’re a sports fan, you’re probably wondering when Hulu will get Fox Sports back. Here’s what we know so far.

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As of September 21st, 2018, Fox Sports is no longer available on Hulu. This means that viewers will no longer be able to watch live sporting events or access on-demand content from Fox Sports on their Hulu app. While this is certainly a disappointing change for sports fans, there is still plenty of other great content available on Hulu. In addition, there are a number of other ways to watch Fox Sports without Hulu, which we’ll outline below.

What Happened?

Hulu had Fox sports networks for a while but as of January 1st, 2020, they are no longer available. Many people are wondering when they will get them back or if they will get them back at all. Fox Sports includes networks like FS1, FS2, and Fox Deportes.

Fox Sports and Hulu end partnership

On November 18, 2018, it was announced that Fox Sports and Hulu had ended their partnership. This means that Fox Sports channels, including FS1, FS2, Fox Deportes, and Big Ten Network, are no longer available on Hulu.

If you subscribed to Hulu primarily for access to Fox Sports content, you may be wondering what happened and when the channels will be returning. Here’s what we know so far:

According to a statement released by Hulu, the decision to end the partnership was mutual and amicable. It’s unclear why the two companies decided to part ways, but it’s possible that it had something to do with the recent launch of Fox Sports’ new streaming service, Fox Sports Go.

It’s also possible that Hulu decided that it wasn’t worth carrying Fox Sports channels any longer because they are available on so many other streaming services. For example, you can still watch FS1 online through Sling TV, AT&T TV Now (formerly DirecTV Now), fuboTV, YouTube TV, and PlayStation Vue.

If you want to watchfox Deportes, you can do so through Sling TV or fuboTV. And if you want to watch Big Ten Network games online, you can sign up for BTN2Go through your cable or satellite provider or sign up for a streaming service like fuboTV or AT&T TV Now.

Fox Sports app no longer available on Hulu

Hulu and Fox Sports have ended their partnership, which means that the Fox Sports app is no longer available on Hulu. This change took effect on August 13, 2019.

If you were previously a Hulu + Live TV subscriber that included the Fox Sports channels, you will no longer have access to those channels. However, you will still have access to all of the other channels and features that are part of your Hulu + Live TV subscription.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any questions, please contact Hulu support.

Why Did This Happen?

Hulu and Fox Sports have been in a long-standing partnership that has allowed Hulu subscribers to watch live and on-demand Fox Sports content. However, that partnership has come to an end, and Fox Sports content is no longer available on Hulu. Here’s what you need to know.

Fox Sports wants to increase its subscriber base

Hulu dropped Fox Sports programming in August, leaving sports fans scrambling to find a new way to watch their favorite teams.

The reasons for the change are complicated, but it basically comes down to money. Fox Sports wants to increase its subscriber base, and it thinks it can do that by making its content available only to people who pay for a cable or satellite TV package.

Hulu, on the other hand, is all about giving people a way to watch TV without having to pay for a traditional cable or satellite subscription. So when Fox Sports demanded that Hulu start requiring a TV subscription in order to view its content, Hulu said no thanks.

For now, sports fans will just have to find another way to watch their favorite teams. Hopefully this situation will be resolved soon, but in the meantime, there are still plenty of other great shows and movies available on Hulu.

Hulu wants to reduce its content costs

Hulu’s recent decision to drop Fox Sports from its lineup may have been due to the streaming service’s desire to reduce its content costs.

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Hulu has been looking to reduce its content costs in recent months, and one way it has been doing so is by dropping certain channels from its lineup. The report specifically mentions Fox Sports as a channel that Hulu has considered dropping, and it seems that the company has now followed through on that plan.

Hulu’s decision to drop Fox Sports comes just a few weeks after the company dropped another sports channel, ESPN Classic, from its lineup. Again, the move seems to be part of Hulu’s larger strategy of reducing its content costs.

It’s worth noting that Hulu is not the only streaming service that has been looking to reduce its content costs recently. Netflix has also been working to trim its budget, and the company has even gone so far as to cancel some of its original shows in an effort to save money.

So, if you’re a fan of Fox Sports and you’re looking for a place to watch your favorite teams, you may want to look elsewhere for your streaming needs.

What Does This Mean for Hulu?

Hulu recently lost Fox Sports programming due to a contract dispute. This means that Hulu no longer has access to any live sporting events from Fox Sports. This can be a big issue for some subscribers, as they may have signed up for Hulu specifically for the sports content. So, what does this mean for Hulu? Let’s take a look.

Hulu will lose live sports content

In October of 2018, it was announced that Hulu and Fox Sports had reached a new carriage agreement. This agreement will see Hulu losing live sports content from Fox Sports, effective January 1, 2019.

This loss of content will impact Hulu’s ability to offer a complete live TV experience to its subscribers. While Hulu will still offer on-demand sports content, including highlights and replays, it will no longer be able to provide live games or events.

For those who are looking for a complete live TV experience that includes sports, there are other options available. Services like DIRECTV NOW and Sling TV both offer a variety of sports channels as part of their basic packages.

Hulu may lose some subscribers

Hulu’s Live TV package currently includes Fox Sports 1 and 2, but that could change in the near future. According to a report from The Athletic, Fox is “unlikely” to renew its contract with Hulu when it expires at the end of August.

Without Fox Sports, Hulu would no longer be able to offer live streams of MLB, NBA, and NHL games, making it a less attractive option for sports fans. It’s possible that Hulu could lose some subscribers as a result.

What Does This Mean for Fox Sports?

Fox Sports and Hulu have been in talks for a while now and it seems that an agreement has finally been reached. This is good news for sports fans who have been missing out on their favorite Fox Sports content. However, it is still unclear when Hulu will get Fox Sports back. This section will provide an update on the situation.

Fox Sports will gain more subscribers

Fox Sports will be available on Hulu starting in August, meaning that subscribers will have access to a wider range of content. This is good news for Fox Sports, as it will gain more subscribers. However, it is unclear how long this arrangement will last, as Hulu has not said how long it will carry Fox Sports.

Fox Sports will have more control over its content

Fox Sports will now have more control over the distribution of its content, as well as over the ads that run during its programs. This will allow Fox Sports to better monetize its content and to make sure that its programming is seen by the widest possible audience. Fox Sports is also able to offer its programming to other distributors, such as cable and satellite providers, on more favorable terms.


We may not have an exact date yet, but it looks like Fox Sports will be returning to Hulu soon. In the meantime, there are still plenty of other great sports channels to watch on Hulu.

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