When Will Mobile Sports Betting Go Live in Louisiana?

The Louisiana legislature recently passed a bill allowing sports betting, but it’s not clear when mobile betting will go live. We’ve got the latest info on when you can start placing bets from your phone.

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Sports betting in Louisiana could go live as early as September, with mobile wagering launching by the end of the year. State lawmakers approved a bill legalizing sports betting in 2019, but the Department of Justice’s decision to reinterpret the Wire Act stalled the rollout.

The Louisiana Gaming Control Board still needs to adopt regulations and choose a provider for the state’s sports betting app, but both processes are underway. So far, eight casinos have applied for sports betting licenses.

What is Mobile Sports Betting?

Mobile sports betting is a form of gambling that allows you to place bets on sporting events using your mobile phone or other handheld device. You can bet on a wide variety of sports, including football, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, and more.

In most cases, you will need to create an account with a mobile sports betting app or website in order to place your bets. Once you have created an account, you will be able to deposit money into your account and use that money to place bets on the sporting events that you are interested in.

Mobile sports betting apps and websites usually offer a wide variety of promotions and bonuses in order to attract new customers. For example, many apps and websites will offer a free bet when you sign up for an account. Some apps and websites also offer loyalty programs that give you points or cash back for betting on certain sports or events.

Louisiana has not yet legalized mobile sports betting, but there is legislation pending that would do so. If the legislation is passed, it is unclear when mobile sports betting would go live in Louisiana.

How Does Mobile Sports Betting Work?

To place a bet using a mobile sports betting app, you’ll first need to create an account and deposit money into it. Once you have money in your account, you can browse the app’s selection of betting markets and odds. When you’ve found a bet you want to make, you can click on the odds and the bet will be added to your bet slip.

Once you’ve added all the bets you want to make to your bet slip, you can enter the amount of money you want to risk on the whole bet slip and then hit the ‘Place Bets’ button. If your bets are successful, you’ll win money based on the odds of the bets that you placed.

Who Can Bet on Mobile Sports Betting?

In order to place a bet on sports through a mobile device in the state of Louisiana, bettors must be 21 years of age or older and physically located within the state’s borders. Once inside state borders, bettors will be able to register for an account with one of the authorized sports betting operators.

What Sports Can I Bet on Using Mobile Sports Betting?

The following sports are currently available for mobile sports betting in Louisiana:
-Auto Racing
-Horse Racing

How Do I Place a Bet Using Mobile Sports Betting?

In order to place a bet using mobile sports betting, you must be physically located within the state of Louisiana. bets cannot be placed while outside of Louisiana state lines.

There are two ways to bet using mobile sports betting:

-You can download the official app for the Louisiana Lottery from the App Store or Google Play. Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you will need to create an account and fund your account with money before you can place any bets.
-You can also bet using your mobile web browser by going to the website of one of the approved sports betting operators in Louisiana. You will again need to create an account and fund your account before you can place any bets.

Once you have created an account and funded it, you will be able to place bets on any sporting event that is taking place within Louisiana state lines.

What Are the Benefits of Mobile Sports Betting?

Mobile sports betting offers a number of potential benefits for both sports fans and the state of Louisiana. With mobile betting, fans will be able to place bets on their favorite teams from anywhere in the state. This could lead to increased attendance at live sporting events, as fans will no longer have to travel to a casino or racetrack to place a bet. In addition, mobile betting could also generate additional tax revenue for the state.

There are also some potential downside to mobile sports betting. Some worry that it could lead to more gambling addiction, as people will be able to place bets at any time and from any location. Others worry that it could lead to corruption in sports, as people may be tempted to fix games in order to win bets. However, these concerns have not been borne out in other states where mobile betting is already legal.

What Are the Risks of Mobile Sports Betting?

Although Louisiana has not yet legalized mobile sports betting, state lawmakers are considering a bill that would do just that. Mobile sports betting would allow residents to place bets on sporting events using their smartphones or other mobile devices.

Supporters of mobile sports betting argue that it would provide a much-needed boost to the state’s economy, while opponents claim that it could lead to increased gambling addiction and other social ills. There is no doubt that mobile sports betting would come with some risks, but there are also potential benefits that should be considered.

One of the biggest risks of mobile sports betting is that it could make gambling more accessible to people who are already struggling with addiction. Gambling addiction is a serious problem, and Making it easier to gamble could make it even harder for those struggling with addiction to get help.

Another risk is that mobile sports betting could lead to more underage gambling. If minors were able to gamble using their parents’ or guardians’ smartphones, it could make it more difficult for adults to monitor their gambling activity. This could put minors at risk of developing gambling problems later in life.

There are also concerns that mobile sports betting could be used for money laundering or other criminal activities. However, these concerns can be mitigated through strict regulation of the industry.

Despite these risks, there are also potential benefits of legalizing mobile sports betting in Louisiana. For example, it could provide a much-needed boost to the state’s economy by generating new tax revenue. Additionally, mobile sports betting could create new jobs in the state and provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs to start new businesses.

Only time will tell whether or not Louisiana will legalize mobile sports betting, but it is certainly something that lawmakers should consider carefully before making a decision.


Based on the information we have gathered, it seems likely that mobile sports betting will go live in Louisiana sometime in late 2019 or early 2020. The process is still in the early stages, but it appears that the state is moving forward with plans to launch a legal and regulated mobile sports betting market. We will continue to monitor the situation and update this page with new information as it becomes available.

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