How Does Nutrition Affect Sports Performance?

How Does Nutrition Affect Sports Performance?

It’s no secret that what you eat can have an impact on your physical performance. But when it comes to sports, the connection between nutrition and performance is even more important.

Good nutrition can help you train harder, recover faster, and avoid injuries. It can also help you perform at your best on game day.

If you’re serious about your sport, then you need to make sure you’re getting the right nutrients to fuel

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Athletes have long recognized the importance of nutrition in optimizing sports performance. The type and timing of food and fluid consumed before, during, and after exercise can affect energy availability, hydration status, andheat tolerance, all of which can influence an athlete’s ability to train hard and compete effectively. In recent years, a greater appreciation of the role that specific nutrients may play in offsetting exercise-induced physiological stress has led to more targeted use of nutritional strategies by athletes. This article reviews the current evidence on the impact of diet on sports performance and makes recommendations for practical application by athletes and coaches.

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