How to Change Your Sports Afield Safe Code

It’s important to know how to change your Sports Afield safe code, in case you ever need to change it for security purposes. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

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Locate the combination dial on the back of the door.

The combination dial is located on the back of the door. To open the safe, enter the factory default combination of 0-0-0-0. This will open the safe. The factory default combination is also located on a sticker on the back of the door. Once the safe is open, enter your new four-digit combination. Rotate the dial clockwise to the first number, counterclockwise to the second number, clockwise to the third number, and counterclockwise to the fourth number. Make sure to turn each number precisely, or your new combination will not work. To close the safe, enter your new four-digit combination and rotate the dial clockwise until it stops.

Insert the key into the hole in the dial.

Turn the dial clockwise until you feel it stop. Do not force it. If it does not stop after a few turns, pull the key out and start over. Once you feel it stop, continue turning the dial counterclockwise until the dial stops at the first number of your new combination. For example, if your new combination is 34-25-18, turn the dial counterclockwise until it stops at 3.

Turn the key to the left.

Turn the key to the left. The tumblers will disengage and you can now turn the locking knob counterclockwise to the 9 o’clock position. If your gun safe has a secondary locking system, enter your code now. If you don’t know the code, see the “How to Reset Your Sports Afield Safe Code” section below.

Next, locate the three-digit factory set combination located on the back of your owner’s manual. Spin each dial slowly and deliberately until you hear it click into place. Do not stop on a number between two numbers, as this will damage your lock.

Enter your new code.

1. Dial the old combination to open the door.
2. Find the knob on the inside of the door that controls the combination. It is usually on the right side of the door.
3. Use a small flathead screwdriver to depress the retainer clip that holds the knob in place.
4. Pull the knob off of the shaft.
5. Insert the new knob onto the shaft and rotate it until it is tight against the door. Be sure that the numbers on the new knob are lined up with those on the old one.
6. Close and lock the door with your new combination.

Remove the key and test the new code.

1. To remove the key, first find the small hole on the face of the keypad. This is usually located above or below the number keys.

2. Insert a straightened paperclip or other small, thin object into the hole and push until you feel it touch the bottom of the keyhole.

3. While keeping pressure on the paperclip, turn the key counterclockwise until it stops. You may have to wiggle the paperclip a little to release the key.

4. With the key removed, press and hold down the * (asterisk) key for three seconds. This will enter programming mode and all of the lights will flash Once you see this, release the * (asterisk) key.

5. Enter your new four-digit code by pressing the number keys on the face of the keypad, then press # (pound sign). The green light will stay lit to indicate that you have programmed a new code successfully. If you make a mistake, simply re-enter your code from step 5.

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