How to Sports Bet in Kansas?

Looking to place a bet on your favorite Kansas sports team? Here’s everything you need to know about sports betting in the state of Kansas.

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Kansas is home to some great sports teams, and many residents are passionate about betting on their favorite squads. If you want to get in on the action, you’ll need to know how to sports bet in Kansas. Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know.

Kansas is one of a handful of states that have legalized sports betting. Residents can bet on sporting events at licensed casinos or online through licensed providers. There are a few restrictions in place, such as a maximum bet limit of $500 and a ban on betting on collegiate sporting events taking place in Kansas.

The best way to place sports bets in Kansas is online through one of the many licensed providers. This is the most convenient option and allows you to bet from anywhere in the state. You’ll also find that online providers often offer better odds than brick-and-mortar casinos.

When placing a bet, you’ll need to choose a sport, then select the team or player you think will win. You’ll also need to choose the amount you want to wager. Once all of this information has been entered, your bet will be placed and you’ll be able to track its progress online.

Sports betting can be a fun and exciting way to add an extra level of excitement to your favorite Kansas teams. With a little research and some practice, you’ll be able to place winning bets in no time!

The Different Types of Sports Bets in Kansas

There are many different types of sports bets that can be made in Kansas. The most common type of bet is the point spread bet, which is a bet on the margin of victory in a particular game. For example, if the Kansas City Chiefs are playing the Denver Broncos, and the Chiefs are favored to win by 7 points, then a point spread bet on the Chiefs would mean that you think the Chiefs will win by more than 7 points.

Other types of sports bets include moneyline bets, where you bet on which team will win a particular game outright; totals bets, where you bet on whether the total score in a game will be over or under a certain number; prop bets, which are bets on specific events that may or may not happen during a game; and futures bets, which are long-term bets on which team will win a particular championship.


In sports betting, a moneyline bet is simply wagering on the contest based on a given price rather than a point spread. The team wagered on just needs to win the game. The minus (-) sign indicates the favorite while the plus (+) sign indicates the underdog.

Point Spread

A point spread is a number oddsmakers use as a median between two teams or sides in an effort to generate betting interest on both of them. A bet on favorite Argentina would have cost you $250. The theory behind the point spread is that oddsmakers will set the line at a point that encourages betting action on both sides of the game. For example, let’s say Super Bowl LI opened with the Patriots as a 3-point favorite to beat the Falcons.


Futures bets are wagers on an event that will take place in the future. The most common type of futures bet is on a team to win a championship at the end of a season. For example, you could bet on the Kansas City Chiefs to win the Super Bowl before the season starts. Futures bets usually have odds that are much higher than other types of bets because they require you to predict the winner of an event that will take place months or even years in the future.


Parlays are perhaps the most popular type of sports bet, particularly among beginners. A parlay is simply a bet that combines two or more wagers into one. For example, you could bet that the Chiefs will win their next game and that the Royals will win their next game. If both teams win, you would win your parlay.


A teaser is a type of bet that allows you to adjust the point spread or total in your favor. Teasers are available for football and basketball.

For football, you can choose to tease the point spread by 6, 6.5, or 7 points. If you tease the point spread by 6 points and your team wins by at least 6 points, you win your bet.

You can also choose to tease the total by throwing in an extra 3 points for Football. So, if the total is 45 and you select the over and add 3 points (tease it to 48), then you need there to be 49 or more combined points scored in the game for you to win your bet.

Basketball teasers work a little differently. You can adjust the point spread by 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, or 6 points in your favor but with basketball teasers there is no option to adjust the total.

Like all bets, there are risks involved with sports betting but by reading up on Kansas sports betting laws and doing your research on teams and players, you can increase your chances of making informed decisions and winning some money!

Prop Bets

There are a few types of bets that are commonly placed on sporting events. The most common are moneyline, spread, and total (over/under) bets. Here’s a quick explanation of each:

Moneyline Bets
A moneyline bet is simply picking who will win the game outright. No point spreads are involved. For example, if the Kansas City Chiefs are playing the Denver Broncos, the Chiefs might be -200 (meaning you’d have to bet $200 to win $100), while the Broncos might be +170 (meaning a $100 bet would win you $170). In this case, the Chiefs are the favorites to win and the Broncos are the underdogs.

Spread Bets
A spread bet involves handicapping one team in order to even out the betting. For example, if the Chiefs are playing the Broncos and they’re favored by 7 points (-7), that means they must win by 8 or more points in order for those who bet on them to win their money. If they only win by 7 points, it’s considered a “push” and all bets on either team are returned to the bettors. Similarly, if you bet on the Broncos +7, they can lose by 6 points or less, or they can win outright and you would still win your bet.

Total (Over/Under) Bets
A total bet is also referred to as an over/under bet. This is a wager on whether or not the two teams will combine for more or less than a certain number of points. For example, if the over/under for Chiefs-Broncos is 48 points and you think they’ll score more than that, you would bet “over.” If you think they’ll score less than 48 points, you would bet “under.”

How to Place a Sports Bet in Kansas

In Kansas, you can place a sports bet at one of the state’s four casinos or online through the Kansas Lottery.

To bet online, you must be 21 years of age or older and physically located within the state of Kansas. You will also need to create an account and deposit money into your account before you can place a bet.

To bet at a Kansas casino, you must be 21 years of age or older and present a valid photo ID. There is no minimum age to participate in sports betting at Kansas casinos.

Kansas offers many different types of bets, including moneyline, point spread, parlay, future, and props. The most common type of bet is the point spread bet, which is when you pick one team to win by a certain number of points.

The Kansas Legislature legalized sports betting in 2019. The first bets were placed on August 30th, 2019.

Sports Betting Terminology

Kansas offers both retail and online sports betting. Bettors can find sportsbooks at several Kansas casinos, as well as through licensed third-party mobile apps. Here’s a quick rundown of some useful sports betting terminology:

Action: A bet or wager of any kind.

Bad beat: A loss that occurs despite the bettor having done everything right. For example, a bettor who backs the Kansas City Chiefs to win straight-up could still lose if the Chiefs win by less than the point spread.

Book: Short for “sportsbook,” this is the entity that accepts bets on sporting events.

Chalk: The favorite in a given matchup. For example, the Chiefs would be “chalk” to win against the majority of NFL teams.

Handle: The total amount of money wagered on a given event or across a specific period of time. For example, if the handle for Super Bowl 55 is $200 million, that means bettors have wagered a total of $200 million on the game.

Juice: Another term for vig or vigorish, this is the fee charged by a bookmaker for accepting a bet. In Kansas, juice is typically set at 10 percent. So, if you wanted to bet $100 on the Chiefs to win straight-up, you’d need to risk $110 ($100 + $10 juice). If they won, you’d get back your original $100 stake plus $100 in winnings (for a total payout of $210). If they lost, you’d simply forfeit your entire $110 stake.


In conclusion, betting on sports in Kansas is only possible through licensed and regulated offshore sportsbooks. These online sportsbooks give Kansas residents access to lines and wagering options on all of their favorite sporting events. Bettors can feel safe and secure using any of the recommended sportsbooks listed here because they are all legally licensed and regulated by a respected governing jurisdiction.

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