What Is a Dime in Sports?

A dime in sports is a term used to describe a very good play or a very close game. The term is most often used in baseball, basketball, and football.

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What is a dime in sports?

A dime is a unit of measurement in sport, most notably in tennis and basketball. It is equal to 1/10th of a foot. In tennis, it is used to mark the boundary lines of the court; in basketball, it is used to measure the distance between the basket and the free throw line.

Dime in baseball

A “dime” is a perfect game in baseball, in which a pitcher doesn’t allow any opposing batters to reach base during the entire game. It’s considered one of the most difficult feats to accomplish in baseball, and only 23 players in Major League Baseball history have done it.

Dime in basketball

A dime is a ten-cent coin, but in the world of basketball, it’s a perfect pass that leads to a score. A dime is also sometimes called a no-look pass or behind-the-back pass.

In general, a dime is any extremely well-executed pass that shows off the passer’s vision and skill. A dime can be a behind-the-back pass, a no-look pass, or any other type of creative or eye-popping pass.

Dimes are often passes that catch the receiver in stride and lead to an easy basket. They can also be passes that set up the receiver for an open shot.

In some cases, dimes are perfect passes that lead to alley-oops or other highlight reel plays.

Whether it’s a pinpoint screened curling around defenders for a wide open layup or hitting a cutting teammate in stride for an uncontested dunk, dimes always involve excellent vision and execution from the passer.

Dime in football

A dime in football is a term used to describe a formation in which there are six defensive backs on the field. The defensive backs are made up of two cornerbacks, two safeties, and two nickelbacks. The nickelback is a position that was created in order to defend against the passing attacks that have become more prevalent in recent years.

The term “dime” is derived from the fact that this formation costs 10 defense points in the game of fantasy football. The dime formation is typically used in passing situations because it allows for more defensive backs to be on the field and coverage can be tight. However, this formation can also be used in running situations, as it allows for more defenders to be close to the line of scrimmage.

Dime in hockey

A dime in hockey is a pass that goes from one player to another without touching the ice. The puck must travel at least 10 feet (3 m) in the air to be considered a dime.

Dime in other sports

A “dime” is also used in basketball, meaning a perfect pass that leads to an easy basket. In football, a “dime back” is a fourth cornerback who comes into the game in passing situations.

In baseball, a “dime” can mean a couple of different things. If a pitcher throws a pitch that drops right into the strike zone for a called strike, it’s sometimes called a dime. It can also refer to how well a fielder executes a play. If an outfielder catches a fly ball and doesn’t have to move very far to make the catch, he’s said to have made the catch on a dime.

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