What Sports Does Ecuador Play?

Ecuador is home to many different sports, from traditional favorites like football to more unique options like surfing. Keep reading to learn about what sports are popular in Ecuador and how you can get involved!

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In Ecuador, soccer is not only the most popular sport, it is also the most popular form of entertainment. The majority of people in Ecuador live in poverty and do not have access to televisions or other forms of entertainment, so they go to soccer games to watch their favorite teams.

Ecuador has two main soccer leagues, the Serie A and the Serie B. The Serie A is the top league in the country and is made up of 16 teams. The Serie B is the second-highest level of soccer in Ecuador and is made up of 12 teams.

Ecuador also has a national soccer team that competes in international tournaments. The team has had some success in recent years, finishing in fourth place at the 2014 FIFA World Cup.


Basketball is a sport that is widely played in Ecuador. According to the website, Federacion Ecuatoriana de Basketball, there are currently 30,239 registered basketball players in Ecuador. The website also lists the top 8 clubs in the country, as well as the national team.


Ecuador has both men’s and women’s professional tennis teams. Ecuador also has a national tennis team that competes in the Davis Cup and the Fed Cup.


Ecuador’s volleyball team is ranked as number 33 in the world by the FIVB. The team usually competes in the South American Championship, where they placed 3rd in 2009. They have participated in several World Championships and their best result was 13th place in 2002. The Ecuador women’s national volleyball team qualified for the 2016 Summer Olympics after a 35-year hiatus from Olympic competition.


Ecuador has a long history of boxing, with the sport being particularly popular in the coastal areas of the country. Boxing is one of the few sports in which Ecuador has consistently been competitive at the international level, with a number of Ecuadorian boxers winning medals at major tournaments such as the Olympic Games and the World Championships.

Among the most successful Ecuadorian boxers of all time is Julio César Chávez, who won multiple world championship titles in the 1980s and 1990s and is widely regarded as one of the greatest boxers of all time. More recently, Ecuadorian boxer Esteban De Jesús won a bronze medal at the 2012 Olympic Games in London.


Cycling is a very popular sport in Ecuador, with the country having produced some world-class riders in recent years. Mountain biking is also popular, and there are many excellent trails to be found in the Andes mountains.


One of the most popular sports in Ecuador is motorcycle racing. The first race track was built in 1963, and since then, the sport has grown in popularity. There are now several professional teams and many amateur clubs. MotoGP is the highest level of professional motorcycle racing, and Ecuador has had several riders compete at this level.

Water sports

There are many different types of sports that Ecuador plays. Some of their more popular sports include water sports, such as surfing, swimming, and sailing. Soccer is also a very popular sport in Ecuador.

Extreme sports

Although Ecuador is not often thought of as a sporting nation, there are actually a surprisingly diverse range of sports played in the country. From traditional games such as football (soccer) and volleyball, to more extreme sports such as surfing and skateboarding, there is something to suit everyone.

One of the most popular sports in Ecuador is football (soccer). The national team has had some success in recent years, finishing in fourth place at the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Volleyball is also widely played, with the national team regularly competing in international tournaments.

For those who enjoy more extreme sports, Ecuador offers plenty of opportunity to enjoy activities such as surfing, skateboarding and mountain biking. The coastal city of Manta is particularly popular with surfers, while the capital city of Quito offers some great skateboarding spots. Mountain biking is also popular in Ecuador, with a number of trails suitable for all levels of experience.

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