What Sports Will Be in the Summer Olympics 2021?

The International Olympic Committee has released a list of sports that will be played in the Summer Olympics 2021. Find out which sports made the cut!

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It’s unclear what sports will be in the Summer Olympics 2021. This is because the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has not yet released an official list. The IOC generally releases a list of sports that will be in the Olympics three years before the Games are set to take place.

The IOC has not released an official list of sports for the Summer Olympics 2021 because the event has been postponed to 2022 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, it is widely believed that most of the sports that were set to be in Tokyo 2020 will also be in Tokyo 2021.

Some of the sports that are expected to be in the Summer Olympics 2021 include: swimming, track and field, basketball, gymnastics, tennis, and volleyball.

Baseball and Softball

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has announced that Baseball and Softball will return to the Summer Olympics in 2021 for the first time since 2008. The games will be held in Tokyo, Japan.

Both Baseball and Softball were voted back into the Olympics in a unanimous vote by the IOC’s executive board. The IOC had previously dropped both sports from the 2012 and 2016 Summer Olympics.

Baseball and Softball will each get eight teams in the 2021 Summer Olympics. The sport of Rugby Sevens was also voted back into the Summer Olympics for 2021.


Karate will makes its debut at the Summer Olympics in 2021. It will replace wrestling as a core sport. There will be two karate events: men’s kumite (fighting) and women’s kumite (fighting). The sport has been a demonstration event at past Olympic Games.


Skateboarding will make its debut at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo in 2021. It will be one of five new sports added to the lineup, along with baseball/softball, karate, surfing, and sport climbing. Skateboarding will include two events: park and street.


For the first time ever, surfing will be included in the Summer Olympics. The International Olympic Committee approved surfing, skateboarding, sport climbing, and breakdancing for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. But of those four sports, only surfing will be featured in the Summer Olympics in 2021. Here’s everything you need to know about surfing at the Olympics.

When will surfing be in the Olympics?
Surfing will make its debut at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics, which were originally scheduled for 2020 but were postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The rescheduled Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics will take place from July 23 to August 8, 2021.

How many athletes will compete in surfing at the Olympics?
A total of 24 athletes (20 men and 4 women) will compete in surfing at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics.

Where will the Olympic surf competition be held?
The surf competition will be held at Tsurigasaki Beach in Chiba Prefecture, Japan.

What format will the Olympic surf competition be?
The format of the Olympic surf competition will be similar to that of other Olympic water sports such as swimming and diving. There will be a heats system with different rounds of competition leading up to a final.

Who are some of the top surfers expected to compete in the Olympics?
Some of the top surfers expected to compete in the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics include John John Florence from Hawaii, Stephanie Gilmore from Australia, Gabriel Medina from Brazil, and Filipe Toledo also from Brazil.


The sports lineup for the Summer Olympics is always subject to change, but we can take a look at what sports are currently vying for a spot in the Tokyo games.

One of the sports that will make its debut in Tokyo is climbing. Sport climbing includes three events: lead, speed, and bouldering. In lead climbing, climbers attempt to scale a wall as quickly as possible while clipping into anchor points along the way. In speed climbing, two climbers race each other up a set route on a 15-meter wall. Bouldering consists of multiple shorter routes without ropes or harnesses; climbers have a limited time to complete each route.

Other sports that are being considered for the Tokyo games include skateboarding, surfing, and baseball/softball. While these sports are not yet confirmed for the Olympics, they are all popular in Japan and would likely be well-received by Japanese fans.


As the International Olympic Committee prepares for the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, several sports are on the chopping block for the 2021 games. IOC members will vote on which sports will be included in the Olympics at a meeting in September 2013. The following list includes the sports that are rumored to be on the chopping block, as well as the sports that are safe for now.

Chancing sports:
-Modern pentathlon
-Rhythmic gymnastics

Safe sports:
-Football (soccer)

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