Where to Get a High School Sports Physical?

It’s that time of year again! Time to get a sports physical for your high school student athlete. But where do you go to get one?

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Athletes in high school need a sports physical to play their chosen sport. The physical must be dated within the last 12 months from the first day of practice. You have a few options on where to get this physical done.

What is a sports physical?

A sports physical is a medical exam that is needed in order to participate in high school sports. The purpose of the exam is to make sure that the student is healthy and capable of participating in the sport.

The exam will check the student’s height, weight, blood pressure, and heart rate. The doctor will also ask about any injuries or illnesses that the student has had in the past. The doctor may also do a brief physical examination.

The sports physical is an important part of making sure that the student is safe and healthy while participating in high school sports.

Who needs a sports physical?

Nearly all states in the U.S. require a sports physical for high school athletes before they can participate in sports. A sports physical is different from a regular physical exam because it focuses on the musculoskeletal system and cardiovascular system, both of which are key to peak performance in athletics.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that all young athletes have a sports physical at least six weeks before the start of their competitive season. This gives the doctor time to identify any potential health problems that could put your child at risk for injury or illness during their season.

If your child doesn’t have a regular doctor, you can usually find a sports medicine physician or orthopedic surgeon who can perform the exam. Most community hospitals and health care clinics also offer sports physicals. You can also check with your child’s school or athletic association to see if they offer sports physicals on-site.

When should I get a sports physical?

You should get a sports physical at least annually. However, if you have a chronic medical condition or are starting a new sport, you may need to be seen more often.

Most high schools require a sports physical before you can try out for a team or participate in practices. Check with your school’s athletic department for specific requirements.

Be sure to schedule your appointment early enough so that you can get any necessary treatment or follow-up care before the start of the sports season.

Where can I get a sports physical?

There are a few options for getting a sports physical. You can go to your regular doctor, to a walk-in clinic, or to a sports medicine doctor. You may also be able to get a sports physical at your high school.

Your regular doctor or pediatrician is a good option if you have one that you trust and feel comfortable with. They will already have your medical history on file, which can be helpful. Walk-in clinics can be convenient if you don’t have a regular doctor or if you can’t get an appointment with your regular doctor.Sports medicine doctors are another option. They are specially trained to deal with sports injuries and can provide more comprehensive care than a regular doctor or walk-in clinic.

Some high schools also offer sports physicals. This can be a good option because it’s usually less expensive than going to the doctor, and it’s convenient since you can get it done at the same time as your other school activities.

What will the doctor do during a sports physical?

During a sports physical, the doctor will:
-Take your height and weight to calculate your body mass index (BMI)
-Measure your blood pressure and pulse
-Test your heart, lungs, and vision
-Evaluate your flexibility and range of motion
-Inquire about any previous injuries or illnesses

How much does a sports physical cost?

How much does a sports physical cost?
The cost of a sports physical depends on the provider you see, but it is typically between $50 and $100.


There are a few options for where to get a high school sports physical. You can go to your family doctor, a sports medicine doctor, or an urgent care clinic. There are also some high schools that offer sports physicals.

The best option for you will depend on your insurance and what is available in your area. If you have insurance, you will probably want to go to your family doctor or a sports medicine doctor if you can find one. These doctors will be familiar with your medical history and can better assess any potential risks.

If you do not have insurance or if you cannot find a doctor who specializes in sports medicine, an urgent care clinic may be your best option. These clinics can provide basic physicals and will not require an ongoing relationship like a family doctor would.

High schools that offer sports physicals can be a good option if you are unable to find another place to get one. These physicals are usually offered before the start of the sports season and are often very affordable. However, it is important to remember that not all high schools offer this service, so you may need to look elsewhere if your school does not offer it.

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