Who Is the Tallest Sports Player Ever?

The tallest sports player ever is a bit of a mystery. There are a few contenders for the title, but no definitive answer. However, we can take a look at the tallest players in various sports to get an idea of who might be the tallest sports player ever.

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In this article, we will take a look at the tallest sports players ever. We will look at both men and women, and we will see how tall they are. We will also find out what sport they play.

tallest NBA players

The tallest NBA player ever is 7’7″ Romanian center Gheorghe Muresan, who played for the Washington Bullets/Wizards. He was born on February 14, 1971.

The tallest player currently in the NBA is 7’6″ Croatian center Boban Marjanović, who plays for the Dallas Mavericks. He was born on August 15, 1988.

tallest NFL players

At 6-foot-10, Pittsburgh Steelers offensive tackle Max Starks is one of the tallest players in NFL history. He’s also one of the heaviest, weighing in at 345 pounds.

Starks is just one of many giant linemen who have played in the NFL over the years. Some defensive linemen weigh as much as 350 pounds, while some offensive linemen tip the scales at well over 300 pounds.

But Starks isn’t the tallest player ever to don an NFL uniform. That distinction belongs to Jon Williams, a towering offensive lineman who played for the New York Jets in the 1960s. Williams was a massive man, standing 7-feet tall and weighing 380 pounds.

Times have changed since Williams roamed the gridiron. Today’s players are bigger, faster and stronger than ever before. And that includes some of the tallest players in NFL history.

tallest MLB players

The tallest player in Major League Baseball history is Randy Johnson, who stood at 6 feet 10 inches (2.08 meters). Johnson was a left-handed pitcher who played for 22 seasons, mostly with the Seattle Mariners and the Arizona Diamondbacks. He was a 10-time All-Star and won five Cy Young Awards.

tallest NHL players

At 6 feet 9 inches, Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Zdeno Chara is the tallest player in the NHL. He’s also one of the strongest, as evidenced by his record-setting 108.8-mph slap shot at the 2012 NHL All-Star Skills Competition.

But Chara isn’t the only giant on skates. There are a number of other NHL players who measure in at 6 feet 6 inches or taller, including Boston Bruins defenseman Adam McQuaid (6 feet 5 inches), Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Niklas Hjalmarsson (6 feet 3 inches), and Anaheim Ducks goaltender John Gibson (6 feet 3 inches).

While these towering hockey players may be some of the tallest athletes in the world, they’re not quite as tall as some other sports stars. Basketball players like Yao Ming (7 feet 6 inches), Manute Bol (7 feet 7 inches), and Shawn Bradley (7 feet 6 inches) all tower over even the tallest NHL players. And then there are individuals like Robert Wadlow (8 feet 11 inches), Sandy Allen (7 feet 7 inches), and George Bell(7 feet 10 inches) who, although not professional athletes, still dwarf even the tallest pro basketball players and hockey players.

tallest athletes in other sports

There are a number of athletes who have made a name for themselves in other sports who are also among the tallest athletes ever. These include basketball players Wilt Chamberlain and Yao Ming, who both measure in at 7’1”, and tennis player Ivo Karlovic, who is 6’11”.


In conclusion, it is difficult to determine who the tallest sports player ever is because there is no official record. However, based on the available evidence, it seems safe to say that Robert Wadlow is the tallest person ever to play a sport.

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