Who Owns Worth Sports?

Worth Sports is a family-owned business that has been in operation for over 50 years. We take pride in our customer service and our commitment to providing the best possible products for our customers.

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Worth Sports is a U.S.-based company that manufactures and sells sporting goods. The company was founded in 1922 by George Worth and is currently owned by a private equity firm.

Worth Sports is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and has manufacturing facilities in Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. The company employs approximately 1,200 people and has an annual revenue of $250 million.

Worth Sports sells its products through a network of sporting goods retailers, as well as directly to consumers through its website and catalog. The company’s product line includes baseball and softball bats, gloves, balls, protective equipment, and apparel.

In addition to manufacturing and selling products under its own brand name, Worth Sports also manufactures and sells products for other companies under private label agreements.

History of Worth Sports

Worth Sports is a sporting goods company that was founded in 1922 by George Worth. The company is best known for its baseball and softball products, but it also manufactures equipment for other sports such as basketball, football, and hockey.

Worth Sports was acquired by Jarden Corporation in 2007. Jarden Corporation is a diversified consumer goods company with over 120 brands. Some of the other brands that Jarden owns include Coleman, K2, Rawlings, and Shakespeare.

The current owners of Worth Sports

Worth Sports is currently owned by a group of private investors. The company has been owned by this group since 2006, when they purchased it from another group of private investors. Prior to that, the company was owned by a publicly-traded company.

The future of Worth Sports

WorthSports is a major player in the sports equipment and apparel industry, with a wide range of products for both professional and amateur athletes. However, the company has been through some tough times recently, with declining sales and a series of management changes. So what does the future hold for Worth Sports?

The company is currently in the midst of a turnaround plan, which includes closing underperforming stores, streamlining operations, and focusing on its core strengths. This is already starting to bear fruit, with same-store sales rising in the first quarter of 2018. Worth Sports is also investi

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