Why Am I Getting Sports Illustrated Magazine?

If you didn’t sign up for a subscription to Sports Illustrated, there are a few reasons why you might be receiving the magazine.

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If you’re asking yourself “Why am I getting Sports Illustrated magazine?,” there are a few possible explanations. It could be that you (or someone in your household) subscribed to the magazine, either directly or through a third party such as Amazon. It’s also possible that you’re receiving the magazine as part of a larger subscription package, such as a sports bundle from Hulu.

If you don’t think you subscribed to Sports Illustrated, or if you’re receiving multiple copies of the magazine, it’s possible that your personal information was sold to SI by another company. This is common practice among publishers, and it’s often how magazines end up being delivered to homes without the recipient ever having signed up for them.

Luckily, it’s easy to stop unwanted magazines from being delivered to your home. If you’re receiving Sports Illustrated unsolicited, simply call customer service at (877) 621-7469 and let them know that you’d like to cancel your subscription. You can also visit the SI website and follow the instructions to cancel your subscription online.

Sports Illustrated is a magazine

Sports Illustrated is a magazine that covers sports and athletes. It includes articles about games, players, and teams. It also has features, such as interviews, profiles, and previews of upcoming events.


It’s possible you subscribed to the magazine at some point, or maybe someone entered your name and address as a gift subscription. Another possibility is that you may have signed up for a free trial subscription that later converted to a paid subscription.

If you’re sure you don’t want the magazine, you can easily cancel your subscription by following the instructions on their website or by calling customer service at 800-876-4420.


In conclusion, you may be getting Sports Illustrated magazine because you recently subscribed to it or because you purchased a product that came with a free trial subscription. Additionally, you may be receiving the magazine because you responded to a survey or entered a contest. If you do not recall subscribing to the magazine, it is possible that your subscription was added without your knowledge. However, if you are not interested in receiving the magazine, you can likely unsubscribe by following the instructions on the magazine’s website.

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