Why Did Fox Sports Change to Bally?

If you’re a fan of Fox Sports, you may have noticed that the network has undergone a slight change. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at why Fox Sports decided to change its name to Bally Sports.

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Fox Sports Changes to Bally

In October 2017, it was announced that Fox Sports would be rebranding to Bally. The new name and logo were both unveiled in January 2018.

The change was made in order to better reflect the company’s focus on gambling and casino operations, as well as its ownership by the Las Vegas-based Bally’s Corporation. The rebranding also included a shift in programming emphasis away from sports and towards entertainment.

Critics have argued that the new name is misleading, as it suggests that the network is now primarily a gambling channel when in reality it still airs a large amount of sports content. Others have praised the move as a way to better position the network in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Reasons for the Change

Fox Sports made the decision to rebrand itself as Bally in order to better reflect its core values and appeal to a wider audience. The new name is intended to insinuate an energetic and modern image, as well as positioning the company as a trusted source of sports news and entertainment. In addition to the name change, Fox Sports also updated its logo andintroduced a new slogan, “The Pulse of Sports.”

How Will This Change Affect Viewers?

In mid-2017, 21st Century Fox announced that it would be rebranding Fox Sports Networks (FSN) as Bally Sports. The change will affect all regionally programmed FSN channels, as well as the national networks FS1 and FS2. The switch is set to occur gradually over the next 12 to 18 months.

While the name change may not seem like a big deal at first glance, it actually represents a major shift in how 21st Century Fox views sports broadcasting. For one, it signals a move away from the traditional focus on live game coverage. Instead, Bally Sports will focus on “news, highlights and analysis.”

How will this change affect viewers?

For starters, there will likely be less live game coverage on Bally Sports than there was on Fox Sports. This could mean shorter game telecasts or fewer games being televised altogether. In addition, the new emphasis on news, highlights and analysis could lead to less coverage of actual sporting events and more opinion-based content.

One thing that is unlikely to change, however, is the quality of production values and broadcast talent. Bally Sports will still have access to all of Fox’s resources in those areas, so viewers can expect the same high-quality broadcasts they’ve come to expect from Fox Sports.

What Does Bally Bring to the Table?

The sports media landscape is constantly evolving, and Fox Sports is no stranger to change. This week, the network announced a rebranding effort that will see the Fox Sports name replaced with Bally across all of its properties.

So what does Bally bring to the table? For starters, the new brand provides a more unified identity for Fox Sports as it looks to expand its reach beyond traditional television. Bally also brings with it a more modern look and feel that better reflects the company’s digital-first approach.

In addition to the new name and logo, Fox Sports will also be launching a new tagline – “Bally: For The Love Of Sport.” This tagline replaces the previous “Fox Sports: Serve Fans First” tagline and reflects the network’s focus on delivering an immersive and dedicated sports experience for fans.

The rebranding effort is part of a larger push by Fox Sports to better position itself in the constantly changing sports media landscape. With Bally, Fox Sports is looking to unify its various properties under one brand and better reflect its digital-first approach.

How Will This Change Impact Fox Sports’ Business?

On October 2, Fox Corp announced that it would be rebranding Fox Sports to Bally. This follows a trend in the industry of major corporations selling their sports assets to private equity firms. Bally is a subsidiary of Apollo Global Management, a private equity firm that also owns Mansion Global and ESPN.

The change will be effective January 1st, 2021 and will impact both the business and fans of Fox Sports. The most immediate change will be the name and logo of Fox Sports, which will now be Bally Sports. In addition, some on-air personalities may be replaced and there may be changes to programming. It is unclear how extensive these changes will be.

Fox Sports is currently available in over 80 million homes and its programming includes live games, news, highlights, and original programming such as “The Herd” with Colin Cowherd. It is unknown how this rebranding will affect Fox Sports’ business but it is likely that there will be some changes.

What Does This Mean for the Future of Fox Sports?

In June of 2017, it was announced that Fox Sports would be rebranding as Bally. This is a move that has caused some speculation as to what it could mean for the future of the company.

Bally is a Swiss-based company that focuses on fitness and lifestyle. While they do have some experience in the sports world, they are not nearly as well-known as Fox Sports. This has led some to believe that this move could signal a shift in focus for the company.

Only time will tell what this move means for Fox Sports, but it is certainly an interesting development.

What Other Changes Has Fox Sports undergone Recently?

In addition to the name change, Fox Sports has undergone a few other changes in recent years. The most notable change is the shift from a cable network to a broadcast network. This means that Fox Sports is now available to anyone with a basic cable or satellite subscription, without the need for a separate sports package.

How Has Fox Sports’ Relationship with Bally Changed over the Years?

Fox Sports and Bally have had a long and complicated relationship. Bally was originally founded as a cable television provider, but later became a major player in the satellite television industry. Fox Sports has been both a customer and a competitor of Bally over the years.

In 2010, Fox Sports reached an agreement with Bally to become the exclusive provider of its satellite television services. This marked a significant change in the relationship between the two companies, as Fox Sports had previously been one of Bally’s primary competitors.

The agreement between Fox Sports and Bally was not without its challenges. In 2012, Bally sued Fox Sports for breach of contract, alleging that the network had failed to make timely payments for its satellite television services. The two companies eventually settled their dispute in 2014.

Despite the challenges, the relationship between Fox Sports and Bally has remained strong in recent years. In 2019, Fox Sports renewed its agreement with Bally to extend their partnership through 2024.

What Does the Future Hold for Fox Sports and Bally?

In 2017, Fox Sports rebranded as Bally. The new name was inspired by the fox, a cunning and resourceful animal. The name change reflected Fox Sports’ commitment to being the best in the business and its dedication to serving its fans.

The future looks bright for both Fox Sports and Bally. The rebranding has positioned both brands for continued success. Fox Sports is committed to providing the best possible experience for its viewers, while Bally is committed to innovation and excellence.


In conclusion, Fox Sports decided to rebrand as Bally in order to reflect the company’s new focus on gambling and betting. The move was met with some criticism, but overall it seems to have been a success. Only time will tell if the gamble pays off in the long run.

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