How Many Types of Sports Are There?

How many types of sports are there? This is a question that doesn’t have a definitive answer, as there are new sports being created all the time. However, we can classify sports into a few broad categories.

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Sports are a huge part of human culture, with people playing all sorts of different games all over the world. While some sports are played recreationally, others have evolved into massive professional leagues with global followings. As such, it can be tough to define exactly what counts as a sport.

Here, we’ll take a look at some of the different ways that people categorize sports, and explore how many different types of sports there are in total.

Team sports

There are two types of team sports: intramural and extramural.

Intramural sports are those that take place within a single institution, usually a school, college or company. These are typically recreational and not competitive. Examples of intramural sports include basketball and touch football.

Extramural sports, on the other hand, are competitive and take place between teams from different institutions. These can be either professional or amateur. Professional examples of extramural team sports include baseball and soccer; amateur examples include cricket and rugby.

Individual sports

Individual sports are sports in which athletes compete as individuals rather than teams. Shooting, golf, tennis, wrestling, gymnastics, athletics and figure skating are examples of individual sports. Individual sports are usually governed by international federations.

Target sports

Target sports, also called marksmanship or shooting sports, are events where participants compete to hit a specific target, either stationary or moving. Bullseye shooting is the best-known type of target shooting.

Water sports

Water sports are a type of sport that takes place in or on water. There are many different types of water sports, including swimming, diving, synchronized swimming, water polo, canoeing, kayaking, surfing, and wakeboarding.

Water sports often require specialized equipment and clothing. For example, swimmers need swimsuits to help them move through the water more easily. Divers need air tanks to breathe under water. And people who want to go fast on the water often use boats or jet skis.

Water sports are popular all over the world. People often enjoy them for recreation or competition. Water sports can be a great way to stay fit and have fun at the same time!

Motor sports

There are many types of motor sports, but they can broadly be classified into two groups: off-road and on-road.

Off-road motor sports include disciplines such as motocross, trials and enduro. These usually take place on specially designed courses, or tracks, that are temporary or permanent facilities. They often include natural features such as dirt, mud and sand, as well as man-made obstacles such as jumps and berms.

On-road motor sports include disciplines such as road racing, time trialling and karting. These usually take place on closed public roads or permanent racing circuits. The courses are generally much smoother than off-road tracks, and the emphasis is on speed and precision rather than obstacles.

Winter sports

Sports are broadly classified into two major types, indoor and outdoor. Of these, outdoor sports are again classified into several categories. One of them is winter sports. As the name suggests, winter sports are played in cold weather conditions, often on snow-covered ground. Here is a list of some popular winter sports:

-Skiing: This is a widely enjoyed winter sport. It involves sliding down a snowy slope on skis, with or without the help of poles.
-Snowboarding: Like skiing, this sport also involves sliding down a snowy slope. However, in snowboarding, the feet are strapped to a single board, instead of two skis.
-Ice Hockey: This is a team sport played on ice, with players using hockey sticks to hit a small hard rubber puck into the other team’s net.
-Curling: This sport is played on ice, with players sliding stones across the surface towards a target area. It is often considered a ‘gentleman’s game’.
-Figure Skating: This graceful sport is performed on ice by solo skaters or pairs/groups. Skaters perform various dance and acrobatic moves set to music.

Extreme sports

There are many different types of sports, but they can broadly be divided into two categories: traditional sports and extreme sports. Traditional sports include well-known activities such as football, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, and tennis. Extreme sports, on the other hand, are often less familiar and tend to be more dangerous. Examples of extreme sports include BASE jumping, big-wave surfing, bull riding, free solo rock climbing, and skydiving.

While traditional sports are typically given a wide berth by society at large—and are usually considered to be wholesome activities that promote fitness and fair play—extreme sports often provoke suspicion and even disdain. This is likely due to the fact that these activities carry a higher risk of injury or death. For example, BASE jumping (which involves parachuting from fixed objects like bridges or cliffs) has a fatality rate of about 1 in every 60 jumps , while skydiving (which generally takes place from aircraft) has a fatality rate of about 1 in every 120,000 jumps .

Despite the inherent risks involved in extreme sports, many people enjoy participating in these activities because they offer an adrenaline rush that is simply not found in traditional sports. In addition, extreme sports often take place in stunning natural locations that provide participants with a sense of awe and appreciation for the world around them.


After doing some research, we have come to the conclusion that there are 8 main types of sports: team sports, individual sports, target sports, racket sports, ball sports, water sports, winter sports, and extreme or adventure sports. Of course, within these categories there are many sub-categories and sub-genres, but this gives a general overview of the main types of sports that people participate in.

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