When Do Sky Sports Announce Live Games for the 2013-14 Season?

The new season is almost upon us and Sky Sports have started to announce which games they will be broadcasting live.

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It’s that time of year again when football fans start looking forward to the new season. One of the big questions on every supporter’s lips is “when will my team’s games be shown live on television?”

The answer, as ever, is that it depends on which broadcaster has won the rights to show Premier League matches in the UK. For the 2013-14 season, those rights are shared between Sky Sports, BT Sport and BBC Sport.

Sky Sports has typically been the go-to broadcaster for live Premier League action, but BT Sport entered the fray last season and will be showing 38 live games this time around. BBC Sport, meanwhile, will have the rights to show 10 live Premier League matches on its various channels.

What is the release date for the new season?

The release date for the new season is Wednesday, August 14th.

How many live games will be shown?

Sky Sports will show 116 live Barclays Premier League games during the 2013/14 season.

What channels will show the live games?

Sky Sports has the exclusive live broadcast rights for the Premier League in the United Kingdom and will show 124 live matches during the 2013-14 season. In addition to these live games, Sky Sports will also show weekly highlights of all 380 matches on its various channels.

How can I find out which games are being shown live?

The full list of games shown live on Sky Sports can be found here.


In conclusion, we can see that there is a lot of confusion around when Sky Sports will announce their live games for the 2013-14 season. However, we can see that they are likely to do so in the coming weeks, before the start of the season.

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