When Will Sports Betting Be Legal in Arizona?

The answer to this question largely depends on the progress of two bills currently making their way through the Arizona legislature. If either of these bills becomes law, sports betting would be legal in Arizona as early as this fall.

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The American Gaming Association estimates that as many as 32 million Americans will bet on the Super Bowl this year. Americans are clearly interested in sports betting, but in most states, it remains illegal. So, when will sports betting be legal in Arizona?

The answer is unclear. The Arizona Legislature is currently considering a bill that would legalize sports betting, but it is not clear if the bill will pass or when it would go into effect if it does. In addition, there are a number of other factors that could impact the timeline for legalization, including court challenges and potential amendments to the bill.

This article will provide an overview of the current status of sports betting in Arizona and what the potential timeline for legalization looks like.

Currently, the only type of gambling that is legal in Arizona is the state lottery. There are no casinos or racetracks in the state, and all other forms of gambling are prohibited. This includes sports betting, which has been specifically outlawed by the state legislature.

What types of gambling are currently illegal in Arizona?

All forms of gambling are currently illegal in Arizona with the exception of the state lottery and horse and dog racing. That means no casinos, no table games, and no sports betting. The only way to gamble in Arizona is to go to one of the state’s racetracks or play the lottery.

What is the status of sports betting legislation in Arizona?

Currently, sports betting is not legal in Arizona. However, there has been some movement on this issue in recent months. In September 2019, the Arizona House of Representatives voted to approve a bill that would have legalized sports betting in the state. However, the bill did not make it through the Senate and did not become law.

Arizona is one of several states that are considering legalization of sports betting in 2020. It is possible that a bill could be passed by the legislature and signed into law by the governor later this year. If this happens, sports betting would likely become legal in Arizona sometime in 2021.

The answer to when sports betting will become legal in Arizona is a bit complicated. At the moment, there are two competing bills that would make sports betting legal in the state. The first bill, which was introduced by State Senator David Farnsworth, would make sports betting legal immediately. The second bill, introduced by State Representative Reginald Bolding, would put sports betting on the November 2020 ballot for voters to decide.

Neither of these bills has been passed yet, so it is impossible to say for sure when sports betting will become legal in Arizona. However, if either of the bills is passed, it is expected that sports betting will become legal in the state sometime in 2020.

Unlike other states with legalized sports betting, Arizona will not allow in-person wagering at casinos or other locations. Instead, all bets must be made through the state’s official website or app. The good news is that this makes it easy to place a bet from anywhere in the state.

When sports betting becomes legal in Arizona, there will be a wide range of bets available. This includes traditional bets such as moneylines, point spreads, and totals, as well as props and futures. You will also be able to bet on live events, and there will be in-game betting available for certain games.


If you’re wondering when will sports betting be legal in Arizona, the answer is that it’s not currently legal. However, there has been talk of legalizing sports betting in the state, and it’s possible that it could become legal in the future.

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